VWS Export – Import of Flowerbulbs

Supplying top quality lily bulbs, that is what VWS Flowerbulbs is known for!

We do this passionately for the flower bulb trade. VWS is always available for you and you can count on fast and professional interaction. Every day our team of loyal and driven employees is committed to guarantee the best quality. We never stand still and are constantly taking new steps. This is how VWS continues to grow and prosper!

The use of technical innovations ensures that the work processes are even more efficient. Green investments, such as the impressive amount of solar panels, make VWS future proof!

VWS offers you a top range of lilies that fits in well with the many different markets in the world. Many of these varieties are traded exclusively by VWS. These exclusive varieties can therefore only be seen in our greenhouse. Every year we put together our assortment with the very best growers. In addition to the beautiful exclusive lilies, every conceivable lily variety is part of our wide range.

Besides the good and often long-standing cooperation with the growers, we also maintain long-term and excellent relationships with our customers. We think along with the customers about the choice of their range and we know which varieties best suit the customer. We like to act as a sparring-partner. The reciprocity and exchange of information, such as the results of the new varieties tested by the customers, are invaluable to VWS.

All lily varieties, the exclusive, new and tried and tested ones, can be found in our greenhouse during the Dutch Lily Days from 4 to 7 June 2024. We look forward to welcome you and discuss what VWS can do for you

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