Royal Van Zanten

Welcome to Royal Van Zanten!

During the Dutch Lily Days we shall have the current Van Zanten varieties on display and you can become acquainted with the new varieties from our breeding programme. This year again, we shall surprise you with a beautifully filled show greenhouse.

What will you encounter? For example:

Double Orientals

In the greenhouse, the entire range of double Oriental lilies is on display. These double lilies are pollen-free and lightly scented. With their long vase life and flowers that are all guaranteed to open, you can enjoy these eye-catching lilies for a very long time.

Pollen-free Orientals

Liber Lilies is a new line with 9 pollen-free, single-bloom Orientals in a range of colours. The fabulous appearance of Oriental lilies plus 100% pollen-free, they are the lily of the future.

The scaled bulbs and planting material are available from 2023, but the lilies are already on display in the Liber Lilies greenhouse.

Liber Lilies is a partnership between De Jong Lilies and Van Zanten Flowerbulbs.

Pure Passion

This year you will find pure passion in our greenhouse! The OT hybrid lily Pure Passion has a compact inflorescence with large, intensely red flowers and stems that are eminently suited to forming bunches. The good news is that the bulbs are available from this year!

There are another 9 new Oriental, LA and OT hybrid lilies to admire. The bulbs for these lilies will be available after the harvest in 2023.

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