Royal Van Zanten

Three reasons to visit Royal Van Zanten

We are delighted to welcome you at Royal Van Zanten during the Dutch Lily Days! In this event, you become acquainted with the existing Van Zanten varieties and new ones from our breeding programme (possibly more interesting). This shows that we have not been idle during the 160 years our business has been operating, we have prominently maintained a consistent quality.  The Dutch Lily Days focus this year on three themes: pollen-free lilies, double lilies and the unscented Oriental lily. We shall also show you our latest LA-hybrid and OT-hybrid.

Double Oriental Lilies

The double lilies from Royal Van Zanten are characterised by high ornamental value, delicate scent, long vase life and the beautiful opening & blossoming of each flower. They provide pleasure for all the senses.

Pollen-free Oriental Lilies

Our breeding programme has been busy for over 15 years to develop Oriental lilies that no longer have any pollen when they open. They have less scent, and consumers no longer have to suffer the annoying effects of the pollen.

Unscented Oriental

Our Oriental Tourega proves that not every Oriental lily has to have a strong scent. This intense white lily with green accents in its heart has all the characteristics of an Oriental except the scent.

Royal van Zanten

As a prestigious family-run business, Royal Van Zanten values long-term relationships and continuity. This applies equally to our employees, customers and chain partners. Our expertise, that we have built up over 160 years, is combined with our understanding of the market. Thus, our developments remain innovative and always relevant.

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