Opening of Dutch Lily Days 2023 changes its style

The opening of the Dutch Lily Days, which takes place at 11:30 on June 6 at Royal Van Zanten in Hillegom, is changing its style this year. Royal Van Zanten envisages the promotion of the Dutch lily as a common concern of the sector. For this reason, it is offering a platform for different players in the lily sector during the opening ceremony. In addition, a new lily line will be launched, and Royal FloraHolland will present the new promotional campaign for the Lily product group.

The Dutch Lily Days is the premiere event at which players in the lily sector can visit each other during an entire week. This year, 14 participants are opening their demonstration greenhouses from June 6 to 9 to display their assortment and innovations. The latest trends and developments will also be discussed.

Thousands of visitors
Thousands of visitors from near and far are projected to attend the eleventh Dutch Lily Days in June. For an entire week, they can drop by no fewer than 14 Dutch lily breeders and exporters to obtain a complete picture of the latest developments in lily land and meet the most important players.

The organisers want to combine the strengths within the lily sector and attract many of the links in the sector to the opening with their program, ranging from breeders and exporters to lily forcing companies and the florist trade. The finishing touches are still being put on the programme for the opening, but it is guaranteed to be an exciting event according to them. Further announcements about the complete programme will be made in May.

From bulb to bloom
During the official opening a new line of orientals will be launched that already has nine registered varieties. These lilies look exactly like the original, single-bloom orientals with stamens, but they do not produce pollen. Hans Glorie of Van Zanten Flowerbulbs said, “We truly believe that you achieve more together. That is why we are delighted that we can offer a platform on June 6 to all the links in the lily sector.”

The Royal FloraHolland Product Meeting also forms part of the opening. It is launching the new promotional campaign for the Lily FloraHolland Product Commission (FPC) and presenting the conclusions of a store check in France. Coen Verspeek, Lily and Tulip product manager at Royal FloraHolland, added, “The opening of the Dutch Lily Days is in our opinion the perfect moment for launching our new promotional campaign for the Lily product group. This is our way of drawing the sector together. In addition, a sound promotion of cut lilies is good for everyone involved, from breeder to retailer.”