Annual Dutch Lily Days stimulate growth of cultivation

The Dutch Lily Days have greatly stirred up international interest in lily cultivation. The companies participating in the event particularly notice an increase in their range and name recognition that continues to grow. Visitors to the previous editions state in follow-up surveys that they take more baggage back home than they expected. The ninth edition […]

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Lilies are again in the spotlight for four days!

For four days lilies will again be the centre of attention. In 2019 the second-ranking bulb flower in the Netherlands will again be given its own stage: the Dutch Lily Days. It’s a stage that grows in popularity each year. It’s not a coincidence that the Dutch Lily Days are set early in the calendar […]

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Pieter Landman champions lilies at the Dutch Lily Days

‘Breeders have done amazing work during the past few years. But the lily sector must be more vocal about the fantastic results its breeding programmes have achieved.’ Pieter Landman, a consultant who advises primarily foreign retail chains with his company Blooming Vision, envisages great opportunities for lilies to improve their place in the shop display. […]

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Lily cultivation keeps innovating primarily with colour combinations

New, unfamiliar colour combinations are especially good at boosting interest in lily cultivation. That was the conclusion of the 14 companies who opened their doors during the Dutch Lily Days. From Tuesday to Friday, June 5 – 8, the seventh edition of the international lily event is being held. Once again, hundreds of varieties will […]

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Seventh Dutch Lily Days builds on the internationally successful concept

From Tuesday to Friday, June 5 – 8, the international horticultural sector is again welcome to visit nurseries, breeders and exporters of lilies. It’s time for the seventh Dutch Lily Days. The event has acquired a permanent place on the horticultural calendar. This year 14 companies will be opening their doors. The official opening is […]

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This year’s official opening of Dutch Lily Days is at Van den Bos Flowerbulbs

The Dutch Lily Days will be officially opened this year at Van den Bos Flowerbulbs in Honselersdijk. This will be the seventh time that the annual open days for the whole of the lily-cultivating Netherlands have been held. On opening day, Tuesday, June 6, the start of the Dutch Lily Days always has an extra […]

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Lily cultivation continues a rising trend with 7th Dutch Lily Days

The collective presentation of Dutch lily cultivation has secured a fixed position on the international calendar. This is an obvious conclusion to be drawn on the eve of the next Dutch Lily Days. Six years ago, prominent players in the lily market linked their annual open days under this label. For the 7th edition on […]

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Set your eyes on the future of the lily!

4 days, 13 leading lily companies. And hundreds of attractive lily varieties, well known and new. These have been the ingredients for success of the Dutch Lily Days for 6 consecutive years already. For four days, The Netherlands becomes the centre of international lily trade. A great display opportunity for participating companies. The benchmark for […]

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Dutch Lily Days 2016 on course for sixth edition

From 7 to 10 June 2016 (incl.), lily cultivation in the Netherlands will be in the spotlight for four days. The sixth edition of the Dutch Lily Days will once again contain all the ingredients which ensured the success of the previous editions. The accent on communications everywhere is moving online and the Dutch Lily […]

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Dutch Lily Days to connect once again with the 2016 Flower Trials

The Dutch Lily Days will once again be held on the week before the 2016 Flower Trials. This decision was made after evaluating the fifth, highly successful edition of the lily event. Moving the open days to the beginning of June has clearly had a positive effect on the level of interest. In 2016 the […]

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