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This year too, Lily Company B.V. invites you to the Dutch Lily Days. During these special lily days, you will have the opportunity to admire virtually all varieties of lilies from our complete assortment (over 180 varieties in several lily groups) in our greenhouse. We specialize in cultivating and exporting garden lilies and would like to draw your special attention this year to a number of new bi-coloured double Asiatic lily varieties. This recent development is definitely worth visiting and observing in our greenhouse.

In addition to these new varieties, Lily Company B.V. will also show the older well known varieties together with Bot Flowerbulbs in the newly build glasshouse.

Some lily variants from our assortment are available as early as August. You can view our complete range in the digital catalog on our website ( Interested in garden lilies? We look forward to welcoming you to our exhibition greenhouse!


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