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Lily Company B.V. would like to invite you to the Dutch Lily Days. During these days you can come and admire a large selection of our total product range (more than 166 species from the different lily groups) in the show greenhouse. We are specialized in the cultivation and export of garden lilies and this year ask your special attention for the enlargement of our double oriental hybrid “Lotus ©” series with the beautiful dark pink Lotus Joy, the immaculate white Lotus Pure and the light pink Lotus Spring.

In the coming year Lily Company B.V. will bring, in addition to the 3 new “Lotus ©” varieties, a number of new varieties to the attention, such as the aubergine-coloured Asian lily Blacklist, the multi-coloured tiger lilies Chocolate Event, Stracciatella Event and Strawberry Event, the multi-coloured Asian lily Tinilco, the purple LO hybrid lily Purple Marble, the pollen-free Aziatic lilies Easy Beat, Easy Fantasy, Easy Love, Easy Spot, Easy Vanilla, Easy Whisper and Mandarin Star. Some varieties from our range can already be delivered in August. You can view our complete range in the digital catalog on our website ( Are you interested in garden lilies? Then we would like to see you in our show greenhouse!

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