Zabo Plant

During the Dutch Lily Days, we will present novelties which will make the real difference for the coming years within the cutflower and potlily market! As well, we will display different new selections within the ‘Roselily’ brand. Within the ‘LilyLooks’ potlilium brand we are also very excited to show a series of four colors genetic short LA-hybrids. These genetic short LA-hybrids series are a serious breakthrough in lilium breeding! We do have a large trial with Chilean-grown orientals and OT-hybrids. We will also proudly present our proven Calla-label ‘Callanova’.

Zabo Plant is sustaining a close relationship with some of the most renowned breeders. We grow and supply lily bulbs from North- and Southern Hemisphere. We participate within ‘Valdivia Lilies’, a premium quality bulb grower in Chile. Zabo Plant is focused on providing you with proper information, best crop knowledge, quality bulbs and service you can rely on.

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