Zabo Plant

Discover the world of Zabo Plant, a leading export company in lily bulbs, calla bulbs, and now also gladioli. With 40 years of experience, we are at the forefront of delivering high-quality flower bulbs worldwide. Our assortment is carefully curated through strong connections with growers, breeders, and end-users. As a central player in lily production, we can supply unique and top-quality lilies that meet the highest standards. While we have expanded our range to include gladioli, the lily remains our specialty.

Zabo Plant is a globally recognized export company driven by a passion for flowers and the satisfaction of spreading Dutch lilies worldwide. Choose Zabo Plant and experience the perfect balance between tradition, quality, and innovation. Be inspired by our exclusive lily collection and discover the timeless elegance that has distinguished Zabo Plant for four decades. Where beauty and craftsmanship come together, you’ll find Zabo Plant – your partner in blooming beauty.

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