Successful and radiant Dutch Lily Days

From June 6 to 9, 14 lily bulb exporters opened their doors wide. Many international customers and business relations turned up in the test greenhouse for a specific purpose. The thousands of young plants gave them insight into the quality of the bulb, the different treatment methods and naturally the resulting flower, reflecting the multitude of lilies. It was a successful 4-day event that enjoyed increasingly warmer weather. It closed with radiant sunshine and satisfied participants and visitors.

The opening of the Dutch Lily Days 2023 was held at Royal Van Zanten Flowerbulbs in Hillegom. Around 160 visitors were captivated by the guest speaker, Jan de Boer (from Barendsen Flowers, Aalsmeer), talking about the power of data collection as a means to get to know the end customer better. Based on this knowledge, trends can be initiated. The launching of the nine pollen-free Liber Lilies formed part of the opening, after which rock musician and flower artist Paul Wijkmeijer from Haarlem started working with the lily’s beauty.

Thousands of flowering lilies
In the run up to the Dutch Lily Days, Dutch visitors regularly came to the participating companies and their test greenhouses. Developments in cultivation and crop could be followed closely. Except for a single test greenhouse, the eleventh Dutch Lily Days was characterised by glasshouses filled with stunning colours and fully blooming lilies. The international visitors were amazed and able to garner inspiration again from the novelties and developments in the market after a long period of being absent.

On the way to the twelfth event
The participants in the Dutch Lily Days are looking back appreciatively on the past week and starting to prepare for the next one. International visitors from around the world will be warmly welcome to attend. The twelfth Dutch Lily Days takes place from June 4 to 7, 2024.