The Second Edition of Dutch Lily Days starts with more ambition.

The Second Edition of Dutch Lily Days starts with more ambition.
Sixteen companies will open their doors from May 22 to 25 2012

From Tuesday May 22 to Friday, May 25th sixteen lily breeders and exporters combine forces in the framework of the Dutch Lily Days. It is the second edition of this event, which last year made a flying start. Then the participants decided to combine their annual ‘open house’ to make is easier for international customers to visit multiple companies. Now the Dutch Lily Days has gained reputation, a larger number of visitors can be expected.

The Dutch Lily Days has become a meeting point for anyone involved in the cultivation of and trade in lilies. With the introduction of the Dutch Lily Days, the Netherlands has strengthened its impression of world’s leader in the Lily industry. Also, distancing itself from the annual lily show at ‘De Keukenhof’ offered the opportunity to plan this event a little later in the spring. This allows participants to have a greater and broader number of varieties in bloom at the same time, which creates a complete view of the qualities of the Dutch breeders.

Last year’s visitors came from near and far. Not only from Europe but also visitors from countries in the Far East and the Americas were welcomed at the Dutch Lily Days. Many companies had the opportunity to dress up their open house extra festive and so generate additional publicity. This proved successful. Another effect of this high-profile initiative is the attention of different kinds of media during this event. Floral magazines and regional and international media seized the Dutch Lily Days and highlighted the glorious history of the Dutch bulb growing industry and the lily in particular. Do not forget, the Netherlands is responsible for 95 percent of the lily cultivation worldwide.

Sixteen participants
The Dutch Lily Days are being held from Tuesday, May 22 until Friday, May 25. The number of participating companies has increased this year to sixteen. These companies are: Van den Bos Flowerbulbs, Bot Flowerbulbs, De Jong Lelies, Laan Flora Facilities, Lily Company, Mak Breeding, Mark Lily, Onings Holland Flowerbulbs, The Originals, C. Steenvoorden, G.A. Verdegaal, Gebr. Vletter & Den Haan, VWS Export – Import or Flowerbulbs, World Breeding, Zabo Plant and Van Zanten Flowerbulbs.