Dutch Lily Days 2016 on course for sixth edition

From 7 to 10 June 2016 (incl.), lily cultivation in the Netherlands will be in the spotlight for four days. The sixth edition of the Dutch Lily Days will once again contain all the ingredients which ensured the success of the previous editions. The accent on communications everywhere is moving online and the Dutch Lily Days is no exception. The usual brochure which keeps anyone interested in the event up to speed will now be complemented by a more extensive website and periodical newsletters.

For the Netherlands, the lily is still an important export fixture and the acreage covered has experienced an increase over the past few years. Breeders are also expending more energy on widening their range. The strength of lily cultivation is reflected in the annually increasing interest in the Dutch Lily Days, both within the Netherlands and from abroad.

The Dutch Lily Days were organised for the beginning of June for the first time last year. This change was of particular interest to the increasing numbers of international visitors, who were able to combine two events; the connection with the Flower Trials turned out to be a great success. An additional benefit is that the beginning of June is also the peak period for flowering Orientals, which were keenly showcased, adding significant value to a sector on the move. Good reasons alone for keeping the formula unchanged for 2016, allowing visitors the facility of acquiring a complete image of lily cultivation in the Netherlands inside just a couple of days.

More online communication
As the lily develops with time, communications about the Dutch Lily Days has no wish to miss a beat. Therefore, more than ever the accent on communications will be online. Everyone interested can gain an excellent insight into all the activities via the dutchlilydays.nl website. Periodical newsletters will also keep you informed on all the latest news. If you wish to register for the online newsletters, please visit the website www.dutchlilydays.nl.