Dutch Lily Days celebrates its 5-year anniversary!

The original idea behind it all was simple: Wouldn’t it be more logical if everyone held their open days in the same week? So visitors could more easily review all of the latest developments in the lily sector? In 2011 we started with the first cautious experiment; lily breeders and exporters working in the lily trade put their heads together. And now, on the eve of the fifth edition of the Dutch Lily Days, we can say without exaggerating that it has become a tradition.

On four consecutive days the finest of the Dutch lily cultivation can be admired. Sixteen companies form the permanent core of participants in the Dutch Lily Days. Colleagues from the Netherlands and abroad are already counting on attending. That makes the Dutch Lily Days a very special initiative. One that continues to expand each year.

Now the Orientals will be flowering too
In 2015 visitors can expect to follow the familiar formula, with one difference: the date of the Dutch Lily Days has been shifted slightly. This will allow visitors to get to know the latest trends in Orientals, a lily group that flowers somewhat later. And that means the complete picture will finally be presented during the Dutch Lily Days. Plus the Flower Trials take place a week later. These two horticultural events go together optimally.

June 2 – 5
The perspective of the Dutch Lily Days has become even more attractive in 2015 as a result. You are welcome to visit on June 2 – 5. We promise you yet another splendid, blooming lily week.