Dutch Lily Days: extended due to overwhelming success!

Dutch Lily Days: extended due to overwhelming success!

The international floriculture sector is already looking forward to it. The event is already planned in the calendar. And growers, expor-ters and dealers are counting on another four days full of inspiration. The fourth Dutch Lily Days is coming! From Tuesday to Friday, May 20 – 23, the Netherlands is transformed into Lilyland. At sixteen locations the doors are open to welcome visitors to see the latest varieties on display.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Dutch Lily Days form the display case for the global lily cultivation. The lily is one of the most important floriculture sector crops in the Netherlands. Given the many innovative companies in the sector, the assortment changes continuously. That makes the Dutch Lily Days a good moment to take stock. Which new, promising novelties and hybrids are available? And how do they compare to the existing varieties in the assortment? The future of the lily assortiment takes shape during these days.

Many new faces
The importance of a four-day meeting contin- ues to grow. Last year, for the third edition, the number of visitors rose. There were many new faces among them. Interested parties come from a growing number of countries and planned in their calendar to visit the Dutch Lily Days. They not only wanted to visit their own supplier, they also wanted to make enquiries at other companies. To look around, but also to expand their network.

You are warmly invited!
You will have the same chance again in 2014. The Dutch Lily Days definitely demonstrate that the traditional lily is still popular. And that sixteen companies are actively involved in making every effort to maintain the consumer’s interest in this product. Everyone shares this passion for the lily during the Dutch Lily Days. That is why we warmly welcome everyone involved in their cultivation or marketing!