First lilies in view

From Tuesday to Friday, 7 – 10 June 2022, the 13 participants in the Dutch Lily Days open their doors. The event is being organised for the 10th time this year, which was the inspiration to give the logo and the appearance of the international 4-day lily festival a new, fresh look. Due to Covid-19 the 10th anniversary was postponed to 2022.

The Dutch Lily Days attract thousands of visitors annually from near and far, and the event certainly enjoys a growing interest in its offerings. It seems that now the global travel restrictions from the corona pandemic are easing, travel to the Netherlands is becoming possible again.

While logistical delays and costs of transport and energy are rising precipitously, growers around the world are experiencing a rise in flower prices. As most travel restrictions are easing, it is again possible to speak to business relations personally after 2.5 years. Certain countries in Asia are still not easy to reach, but hope is growing. It also seems that the lily bulb trade to Taiwan is recovering somewhat after the export stop lapsed.

First lilies in view
The planting out of the first batches is complete, and the plants are beginning to show, and it’s already looking good! Currently, the last batches are being planted, with the intention to have a stunning lily test greenhouse flowering from 7 through 10 June 2022.

Thirteen participants in the country are launching their participation in the Dutch Lily Days at the same time. The event for professional colleagues is being held at P. Aker, Van den Bos Flowerbulbs, Bot Flowerbulbs, De Jong Lelies, Lily Company, Onings Holland, C. Steenvoorden, GAV’s Lilies, Gebr. Vletter & Den Haan, VWS Flowerbulbs, World Breeding, Zabo Plant and Royal Van Zanten.