Set your eyes on the future of the lily!

4 days, 13 leading lily companies. And hundreds of attractive lily varieties, well known and new. These have been the ingredients for success of the Dutch Lily Days for 6 consecutive years already.

For four days, The Netherlands becomes the centre of international lily trade. A great display opportunity for participating companies. The benchmark for thousands of visitors both local and from abroad. Visitors find inspiration that will give lily cultivation a new impulse. Well known and promising varieties, trendy colours and surprising lily types. It’s an event that unveils the countless perspectives hidden in lilies.

History and future in one bulb
The cultivation of lilies is still lively. Increasingly more countries are becoming interested in sharing in the success of this flowering bulb. Its ancient history is associated with an innovative breeding programme. In recent years many new varieties have seen the light, and this development has not gone unnoticed by consumers. Lilies are hot and trendy, all around the world. Their colours can always match the latest fashion.

Sharing knowledge, four days long
The goal of the Dutch Lily Days is to strengthen the foundation under the lily even further. The Netherlands has traditionally been a country of lilies. And a country where sharing knowledge about horticulture has always been taken seriously. This sharing of knowledge is continued every year in June, during the ‘four-day celebration’ of the lily. The leading lily nurseries open their doors to visitors, to start discussions about breeding, cultivation, sales and marketing.

That makes the Dutch Lily Days a truly special event 
One that gives you a complete overview of the current status in the lily sector in just four days. And after your visit to the Dutch Lily Days in 2017, you will conclude once again that lily cultivation is flourishing better than ever. You can find a listing of the participating nurseries in this brochure. Naturally, you don’t want to miss such an opportunity. So write down the dates for 2017 in your agenda now: from Tuesday to Friday, 6 – 9 June 2017!