Boots Flowerbulbs

The love for flower bulbs is in the DNA of the Boots family for decades. It is 4th generation who is leading the export company at the moment. The quality of our product is our highest priority to provide our customers worldwide. The high quality starts with visiting our suppliers in person and at the fields of bulb production on a regular basis. After flower bulbs are harvested, they will be checked by arrival in our warehouse and the temperature is frequently monitored in our cooling rooms.

Our different view on preparing lily bulbs distinguish us from other export companies and improves the result at our customers. We have several quality checks during the year in our test greenhouse and before shipping to the customer. By visiting hybridizing companies, we try to improve the assortment for our customers with providing trial crates of new varieties. The close contact with customers helps us to provide them with at suitable assortment of varieties and solutions in cultivation problems (growing support).

Quality must be a mutual goal between Boots Flowerbulbs and customers. “Boost your flower bulbs with Boots and join our family”.

Boots Flowerbulbs
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