GAV Lilies

Pollen-free lilies, we see this as a particularly good product for the lily trade in the future. With the well-known ornamental value of the lily, without the inconvenience of the pollen. In 2022, we assume that we can open the greenhouse to everyone again. The pollen-free lilies will be present even more prominent than last year, as well as the retail lilies, compact, upright and floriferous. The color range in the Romantics, the pot orientals, is becoming wider and the Joys, the pot Asiatics, form a color scale on itself. Not only suitable for patios and gardens, but also for indoor. In total we will show more than 120 of our own varieties! It was such a shame that no visitors could enter the greenhouse last edition. The lilies were blooming fabulous again. However, we were now able to test the color and flowering better by doing a flowering test in the greenhouse, and also vase life testing. This gives us even more insight into the usefulness of the cultivars. This way we learn more and more from our own varieties and can discover more about the value for the lily growers and companies forcing them. We hope to visit you and tell you all about it.


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