GAV Lilies

Our focus as a lily breeder & grower is defined through three series in which continuous innovative iterations take place. These consist of Oriental Cut Flower Lilies, Oriental Pot Lilies and Asiatic Pot Lilies. Essential criteria of our selection process are; Pollen Free, upwards, high bud count also within smaller bulb sizes, bully-proof during processing and all this while retaining the beauty and charm of an excellent quality lily. We invite you to our DLD location to experience not only our well-known varieties but also the newest selections, see you there!

Oriental Cut Flower Lilies “The Young Ones”
These are characterised by a compact upwards spike, combined with a high bud count. This makes them suitable for every market, in particular retail. Besides our well known commercial Pollen Free variety “Best Regards“, we expand our selection with a multitude of Pollen Free varieties. These varieties not only have the advantage of being less staining, they also have a less penetrating smell. Furthermore, a retail line consisting of white, light pink and dark pink with a short forcing period and low-temperature growing conditions during the winter months, ideal for minimising heating cost.

Oriental Pot Lilies “The Romantic Series”
The Romantic Series is compact and robust, with a short forcing period. New introductions are floriferous across a complete colour spectrum, with an emphasis on red varieties. The shelf life of these varieties is a clear upgrade compared to existing market standards and provides an excellent extended flowering period.

Asiatic Pot Lilies “The Joy Series”
Also this series is rich in colour diversity and consists of robust, medium-long varieties.


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