Van den Bos Flowerbulbs

Van den Bos will show over 400 varieties of cut lilies and 100 varieties of pot lilies during Dutch lily days. In addition to lilies, we will also be showing and sharing our collection of freesias and callas in cut and pot. Our goal is to inspire and surprise you. For our second year, we will be located at the Vierschaar 15 in ‘s-Gravenzande.

We have reserved 24 bulbs from every single delivered stock and will plant for you to see. During Dutch Lily Days 2018, over 4.175 lots were planted in our greenhouse. It also serves as an extra quality check for our team so we can provide you the best quality. Our quality controllers monitor growth development and any abnormalities closely, and the results are provided on our website. We pay special attention on the NEW varieties, we plant them in the same rows for easier viewing. Among many exclusives and semi exclusives, Van den Bos offers the exclusive ROSELILY line, these double flowered lilies are a true innovation in the lily industry. Another highlight is Virunga®; we have this beautiful pink O.T. lily year-round available.  During our last Dutch Lily Days, we had a busy program, offering different activities every day. We offered healthy smoothies handmade by our interns, a boutique coffee cart serving delicious specialty coffees, cappuccinos and hot chocolates. We even brought in a food truck for lunch one day. And for spirits, we had a bar night in Amsterdam, and closed with our tradition of closing our week with lots of beer. This year we hope to continue to “wow” you and our team is working on how we will welcome you. We can’t wait to see you in person.

vandenbosVan den Bos Flowerbulbs BV
Vierschaar 15, 2691 MT ‘s-Gravenzande • The Netherlands
T +31 (0)174 612121 • F +31 (0)174 612122


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