Second Dutch Lily Days even more successful than the first one

Second Dutch Lily Days even more successful than the first one
‘Shop window function for the industry is extremely important’

The second Dutch Lily Days surpassed the success of the first version by a large margin. The 16 participating companies, ranging from lily breeders to exporters, welcomed 20% more visitors to the week-long event held from 22 – 25 May. The sharp rise confirms that the event is rapidly gaining an international reputation in the lily sector. Buoyed by the enthusiasm of the target group, the participating companies will start making plans in August to expand this success further in 2013.

In 2011 the event was put on the calendar for the first time. The objective of the Dutch Lily Days was to give lilies their own, more prominent place in the lily sector aside from the week at Keukenhof. The initiative by the original 15 participating companies immediately produced a whirlwind of positive publicity for the lily, one of the ornamentals which has traditionally been very important to the Netherlands. In 2012 the number of participants rose to 16, and the publicity machine started up earlier, especially abroad. That resulted in a greatly increased interest in the second event. Visitors from around the world found their way to the companies. The estimated number of visitors grew by 20%, with interest coming from many countries. Dutch visitors were also conspicuously present, even though the initiative is less pressing for the Dutch market: They can visit these companies all year round.

Sponsoring 7000 lily bulbs…
Just like in the first year, the spinoff of the Dutch Lily Days has been invaluable. For many news media the lily was suddenly ‘hot’: there was a lot of press interest in their cultivation and trade. Other initiatives sprang up around it: one of the participating companies at the Dutch Lily Days sponsored 7000 lily bulbs for the Greater Amstel III Flower Bulb Planting Festival in Amsterdam Southeast, which aims to draw attention in a positive manner to this region with its many empty offices. Many breeders used the opportunity to promote their flowering range to many newcomers. “It’s no longer unfamiliar, the event is going strong, and especially the shop window function for the industry is extremely important. Familiarity with the complete range, and the transfer of knowledge held by the various lily breeders and exporters is extremely valuable in the international market,” according to the organisation. The organisers are convinced the ‘Days’ will generate even more interest next year. Later this year, the plans for 2013 will be announced.